PEDRO – Dim-witted Youth / ボケナス青春

Your protector’s in lost property, so everyone went back after school The colour of the 5:30pm sunset was a deep purple There was a youth who looked just like me, a young girl aiming for the winds, Who suddenly reminded me of my feelings back then, and in that moment, the memory resurfaced Both pleasure and pain hit me at once And so this pointless … Continue reading PEDRO – Dim-witted Youth / ボケナス青春

PEDRO – Falling Behind Blues / おちこぼれブルース

I’m drowning, So deeply in this love It’s taken a hold of my brain, I’m falling behind I’m sleeping in your sweet words in my every day life I was so used to not knowing a girl’s shame, I was just like you How did it even get to this? Such terrible reluctance I’ve finally discovered for the first time, how emotions get in the … Continue reading PEDRO – Falling Behind Blues / おちこぼれブルース

eastern youth – Summer Afternoon / 夏の日の午後

God, You, who knows everything Will defeat all the wicked people of this world But this midsummer sun is melting away the sins I can’t see it, but it’s surely burnt to my back The afternoon light, and the chirping of crickets Are still alive, to no end If it’s within this body, then both sin and evil are by my side Running around the … Continue reading eastern youth – Summer Afternoon / 夏の日の午後

eastern youth – Song of the Breaking Dawn / 夜明けの歌

Dawn is breaking Can’t you see? The eastern sky grows lighter Morning is coming Don’t you understand? The sun is reflected in these tears Morning is coming For both me, And the windows of this room These tears of mine, stop falling this instant For morning is already here Dawn is breaking So just laugh and forget all about it Dawn is breaking Morning is … Continue reading eastern youth – Song of the Breaking Dawn / 夜明けの歌

eastern youth – I Have To Go On Barefoot / 裸足で行かざるを得ない

The light that shines bright, far and wide, Covers me as I relucuntly walk into town each day Whether I’m happy or sad along the way, There’s always that loud voice, Singing out to whoever will hear When the bell rings to signify the morning is here, Dreams sink to the bottom of the sea The isolated and helpless flower, it’s just blooming Do you … Continue reading eastern youth – I Have To Go On Barefoot / 裸足で行かざるを得ない

BiS – What Is It? / ナンデスカ?

What is it that you’ve lost? Is it something you can’t replace? Hiding these lies is all I can do The smile that I created is just an imination of that girl It’ll all crumble down and I’ll be revealed completely stark-naked Hiding away my heart, if you come to close, run away, it’s all over Oh, mum and dad, they both didn’t notice That … Continue reading BiS – What Is It? / ナンデスカ?

BiS – strawberry girl

Blood flows from the white purity, Screaming out in atonement, alone But that wretched darkness is still here today, My heart is now being shot, admist the painfully cold rain The illegal occupation of sorrow The intrusive thoughts of death The flood of self-hatred every night I know of such happiness Is there any meaning in purity and innocence? If that’s your idol, it’s just … Continue reading BiS – strawberry girl